How Social Media Can Help Fitness Trainers Stay In Contact With Their Trainers

In the recent past few years, social media has become a powerful marketing tool for all manner of businesses. It is now a rule of thumb for personal trainers to be connected with their clients through platforms such as twitter and Facebook. These platforms are not longer only used by trainers to contact their clients, but are vital when it comes to lead generations to your site. If you are offering specific exercise programs and are not sure what your clients think of them, then definitely this will offer you a clear picture. Staying in touch with your clients is something valuable that every trainer should embrace-especially, if you are out to build a successful business.

Social Media - Twitter

There are a number of examples of business that embrace social media and in doing so will have an audience that will be able to list to everything a person or a business says, within an hour of the new content being published anywhere in the world. Here are a number of examples of various personal trainers worldwide that use social media, from a large to a small number of followers:

Facebook Profiles:

Nathan Towle – Facebook

Thompson Plyler – Facebook

Michelle Lewin – Facebook

Katy Mackay – Facebook


Twitter Profiles:

Nathan Towle – Twitter

Michelle Lewin – Twitter

Katy Mackay – Twitter

Kevin Richardson – Twitter

These uses of social media platforms come in handy in time of knowing the market and what prospective clients really desire and want. You can always use social media metrics to know how best to market your business; and more so, understand the best strategy to develop your brand. Just like any other business, numbers count a lot and based on this having many followers is always a plus for the personal trainer. However, you need to engage your followers and not compromise on the services that you offer to your existing clients.

It goes without saying that savvy personal trainers can always can always take their business to the next level without necessarily spending a fortune. What you need to do is create useful information about your business or more in particular provide information for free that will encourage not only your followers, but new followers to join listing to your advise, and the rest shall follow. You need to understand the basics of everything the entails marketing, and know how you should cross promote your business. As a word of advice, keep updating your information. Also, ensure that you use engaging content that keeps the conversation flowing, and not necessarily the pushy kind of message. When you recruit a client, keep everything professional, and show that you can meet your clients needs.

If you know how to use social media to market your business, then you will be a market leader within a short period – perhaps 12-18 months. It is not just about having a social media wall, but how effectively uses it for your own benefit. In case you determine what your followers like most, half the job is done.


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